Time for reinvention?

December 2, 2007

OK So 99X/10 has existed for over two years now. We started with good intention and goals and ambitions, what have we achieved? Very little. We released a sampler in 2005 which I believe is a very very excellent record. We got together a group of musicians who I believe are very talented and make wonderful music. We got some great reviews and even some airplay on influential radio stations. Some of us have gone on to get record deals with other labels and release music in different ways. We still have this framework and something of a name why don’t we do something with it? The main problem we are faced with is money, or rather the lack of it. To release the sampler cost over $4000 sadly we haven’t even come close to recouping that and aren’t about to spend that again. We talked about making the label digital only which I thought was a good idea at the time but nothing happened, nobody did anything…

What do we do now ? Anybody ? Its too good a collective to forget about …


Bloggy Bloggy

February 20, 2007

I am moving to Los Angeles in August.  Jason (GEB) and I are going to start a super-group with a bossanova flare…oh, and I might be getting some music up on iTunes thanks to Erin and Roger!  I will keep everyone posted. 

 P.S. – Never use Leafyhost for a website.  They “lost” my site about 5 months ago, “replaced” it a few weeks back, and it doesn’t work anymore.  Screw it, i’m using myspace for EVERYTHING. 

P.P.S – If you haven’t heard the new song Roger O’Donnell posted on his myspace page, go check it out: it’s beautiful. 

 P.P.P.S – Bryan, congratulations on the record label stuff!  Can’t wait to hear what you’ve been working on!


 Dead Waiter

alka update

February 15, 2007

alka has recently signed to electronic eel , an up and coming electronic label out of philadelphia. look foward to a full length release (titled: principles of suffocation) from alka in April or May when both physical CDs and high quality downloads will be available.

in the meantime check out electronic eel’s free monthly podcast for some great varied and previously unheard electronic music:



bryan michael has no need for electricity…

roger hearts apple

November 4, 2006

there is a great write up on roger over at apple.comroger and his moog

trouble everyday alka remix

October 17, 2006

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“Codeword” UK single releasing soon on Vacuous Pop Records

It will be available at all fine record shops across the UK and online as well.

They will be in both CD and limited edition vinyl formats.

Art work is being done by Richard Lippold (The Angels / The Deadly singer) **see above***

A demo version of “Pedestrian” will be the b-side and the cd version will include a bonus remix by Bryan Michael (artist behind electronic project “Alka”, part of the The 99X/10 Collective with Roger O’donnell from the cure and others)

you can hear the remix under Trouble Everyday here: VPOP

… don’t worry everybody.. it’s still me.. this remix is a bit of a departure from my normal sound.. i think i was listening to a lot of DEVO (or somebody!?) when i did this remix..



Dark Captain Light Captain

October 3, 2006

This was too easy.. just checking the blog this morning to see if anyone posted and thought i would check the the comment ‘neil’ had left on and ecce post, i was led to his myspace, a music profile for his band Dark Captain Light Captain and the lovely first track ‘they be underwater’ charmed me. some scribbly bears doing their shopping at ASDA also hooked me, i am just listening to the rest of the songs now, the voices are soft and sweet really nice acoustic guitars and hand claps give a very nice feeling but there is also an undercurrent of mystery and an idea of late night idea scribbling and quietly strumming while the world is sleeping nearby perhaps even just through the walls and not to be woken.
Dark Captain Light Captain myspace
thanks for commenting over here on this humble blog neil! i still havent read what you posted but i will go do that now!

Ruxpin is Jónas Þór Guðmundsson and I can honestly say he is a great person and a true friend of electronic musicians everywhere.  I am posting an announcement for his long awaited new full length release: Elysium.  He is also currently remixing a track for Meason’s upcoming EP.

October, 1 2006:  Release of Elysium on Itunes

Elysium will be released on Itunes one week before the CD hits the stores.  The Itunes Exclusive album will include one extra track, Sadeness (which is on his myspace profile).  You can buy the whole album or individual tracks.

I’ve heard some of Jonas’ recent tracks and it is some of the best electronic music out there, i’m sure everyone here will love it.  Here is an older video for everyone’s enjoyment: