Music to shop for egg cups by..

September 17, 2006

sunday afternoon, if you had to pick a time of the week, would be the perfect time to shop for egg cups. So trolling through ebay, looking for prize gems for my collection, marveling at the shoddy work ebay sellers do with a camera, and drinking mate tea the music i happened to be listening too magically formed the perfect soundtrack.. i love it when that happens, the perfect music happens to be playing through the most fitting times.. is it some magical match up? .. or.. is it that we are more open than we think and any number of things could have been the ‘perfect’ music and it only is now deemed perfect in hindsight simply because it was what was playing?
at any rate this particular sunday was definitely the former as this magical match up of TV Resistori and egg cups filled the afternoon.. i had followed a link from stylus magazine which jason (GDEB) was asking me about, for fonal records a label in finland.. a very quirky label covering a broadish spectrum of ambient experimental to semi-acoustic psychedelic folk (their words, semi-acoustic? i dont know..). Fonal’s artists are mostly Finish speaking and some of them were quite interesting but this was the band that caught my ears and made the afternoon shimmer.
TV Resistori myspace
(i am still bidding on these so please dont bid me up! haha.. that would be pretty funny…)


One Response to “Music to shop for egg cups by..”

  1. lahuev Says:


    can’t beleive it!

    somebody talking about egg cups and fonal records in the same post!!!

    i’m a great es fan (yes, es is at fonal records) and i have a blog en egg cups you might like to check:


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